Custom Banner - DH

Custom Banner - DH

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Custom Banner Project - created/managed by Dave Horesh

  • Size: 9" x 27"
  • Small wool felt hanging from Oxford Pennant
  • Made in Buffalo, NY
Materials and Care
  • Cut-and-sewn wool felt, printed design
  • Do not submerge! Keep away from high heat. To remove wrinkles, apply a light blast of steam from an iron or clothing steamer.
Size | 24"x30" Champ Banner

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How It's Made

All Oxford Pennant felt products are made using a hands-on process at our manufacturing studio. We design, cut, sew, print and ship everything in downtown Buffalo, New York!


First time pennant owner? We’ve been there, but care is super easy. Keep it away from flames, don’t submerge it, and if you ever need to remove creases or wrinkles, a light blast of steam from an iron or clothing steamer will do the trick.

Custom Projects

We love custom projects and can't wait to get started on yours! All custom pennants, camp flags, and banners are hand stitched and printed at our HQ in Buffalo, NY.